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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Salt City Comic Con?

Salt City Comic Con is a pop culture comic con festival. SCCC provides indoor and outdoor entertainment with over 100 pop culture related exhibitors Comics/Toys/vintage collectibles/videogames/apparel/fanart/ and much more.

What is the meaning of or what is comic con?

Salt City comic con is an event with a primary focus on pop culture and comic book culture, in which comic book fans and pop culture fans gather to meet creators, experts, and each other.

Where is the next comic con 2020?

Salt City Comic Con will be back at te NY State Fairgrounds, in the Exposition Center July 4th-5th 2020.

Are there rides at the Salt City Comic Con?

Yes, We have several Carnival rides in our outside festival area for all ages to ride.


Does Comic Con sell tickets at the door?

Preorder tickets are available online, as well as tickets at the door. (General admission do not sell out)

Is comic con Free?

Children 5 and under are free

Who is the best Comic Con in Central New York?
Salt City Comic Con is the best and biggest Comic Con in CNY. SCCC provides huge prizes for Cosplayers, Renowned guest appearances, Amazing movie vehicles, as well as tons of on-stage entertainment for  the whole family throughout the entire event.

Where are NY comic cons?
There are several comic cons located in New York, but Salt City Comic Con is located in Syracuse NY. 

When was the first ever Comic Con?
Salt City Comic Con started as Salt City Collect-a-con in 2013.

What time is comic con?
SCCC doors open to VIPs at 10am both Saturday and Sunday.

General Admission entry starts at 11am both Saturday and Sunday.

How do I get tickets to comic con 2020?

You can pre-purchase tickets online, or purchase tickets at the door.

How much is parking at the fair?

During Salt City Comic Con Parking is free!!

What is the biggest comic con?
Salt City Comic Con is the largest comic con in Central New York.

Why is the Syracuse Comic Con called Salt City Comic Con?
Syracuse the city has been known as Salt City due to it's salt springs, mainly located on the southern end of Onondaga Lake.

Where is comic con located?
Salt City Comic Con is located in the Expo Center of the New York State Fairgrounds, 581 State Fair Blvd, Syracuse, NY 13209.

What is the best day to attend comic con?
If you are there for celebrity guest appearances, be sure to check the Guest page for their specific times and days, as they may not be available all weekend.

Where is the state fair at?
State Fair is located at the following address: 581 State Fair Blvd, Syracuse, NY 13209

Who's Coming to comic con 2020?
We are working on our guest list, and will be making announcements of signed guests on our Guest Page or Facebook page.

Is Salt City comic con connected to Syracuse NY comic con, Syracuse Powercon, or Syracuse Pop Con? 
No Salt City Comic con has no relationship to these other local conventions in the Syracuse area.

How much are comic con Tickets?
5 and Under are Free, General Admission ranges from 15-25 dollars depending on the day. Check Ticket page for VIP prices as well.

What time do doors open at comic con?
SCCC doors open to VIPs at 10am both Saturday and Sunday, General Admission entry starts at 11am both Saturday and Sunday.

Who owns comic con?

Salt City Comic con was created by the Owner of Larger Than Life Toys and Comics, Thomas Yeldon and is now run by Partners: Thomas Yeldon, Victoria Yeldon and Allen La Venture.

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